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Store-More™ Removable Basket

Convenient lift-out storage for easy access to most small frozen items or items that are most frequently used.

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Frigidaire Freezer Gallery Series

Power-on Indicator Light

Know at a glance that your freezer is working.

Color-Coordinated Handle

Defrost Water Drain

Use the drain to conveniently remove water during defrosting.

Built with American Pride

Appliances that are high-performing, more accessible, and more innovative than ever—designed, built, and engineered in the U.S.A.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Select the correct temperature for your needs.

Product Type: Chest Freezer

Power Type: Electric

Model: FFC0723DW 7Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 35" W x 23-1/4" D x 34-1/4" H

Model: FFC0923DW 9 Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 41" W x 23-1/4" D x 34-1/4" H

Model: GLFC1326FW 13 Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 42-3/4” W x 29-1/2” D x 35” H

Model: FCCG151FW 15 Cu. Ft., Commercial Food Service Grade, Ice Cream Freezer 48-3/4" W x 27-3/4" D x 37-1/2" H

Model: GLFC1526FW 15 Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 48” W X 29-1/2” D X 35: H

Model: GLFC2027FW 20 Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 61-1/4” W x 29-1/2” D x 35” H

Model: GLFC2528FW 25 Cu. Ft.

Chest Freezer 73-1/4" W x  29-1/2"D x 35"H

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